Located in Northern Europe in Estonia, The J. Molner Company's main laboratory was originally founded in 2015 as part of a global pharmaceutical company to accelerate research and development activities. With a focus on sterile injectable and dermatological drugs for both the United States and Canada, our team has developed a GMP certified facility that provides services to pharmaceutical companies looking to grow their pipelines and manage costs by leveraging our capabilities.

Take a Virtual Look Inside J. Molner

Take a Virtual Look Inside J. Molner

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Jason Grenfell-Gardner



Jason is an experienced pharmaceutical industry veteran who has worked on the front lines of drug development in the United States and Canada. Under his leadership at Teligent, Inc., he and his team filed over 50 ANDAs and launched more than 40 drugs. Jason has also served on the boards of a number of organizations, most recently as the Chairman of the Board of Pfenex, Inc., a San Diego-based biotech company. A passionate advocate for corporate social responsibility, he is a constant champion for patients, healthcare access, and workplace diversity.

Things We Care About

At the J. Molner Company, we believe that we have an important role in supporting the community around us. That’s why, together with our team, we actively support a number of organizations focused on things that matter. These include:

  • Baltic Sea and Ocean Clean Up

  • Community Food Security

  • Healthcare Access

  • Supporting Diversity in Science


We’re committed to contributing a portion of our annual income and our time to support these causes to improve our world.