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The J. Molner Company’s business objectives require adherence to local, national and international laws. Risk management and validation of internal processes are employed to ensure accuracy and validity of our activities and the results reported to customers. 

Integrity is at the heart of the J. Molner Company. The key to our success as an organization is the trust we seek to inspire in our customers. As a company that seeks close and open relationship with our customers, we are committed to a culture where issues of integrity and ethics can be raised and discussed openly. Training and guidance related to integrity topics are available to employees at all times and it is expected to be the core of their actions. 

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the j. molner company quality policy


The J. Molner Company holds the following regulatory certifications

  • Manufacturing and importation authorization (876), issued by the Estonian Agency of Medicines

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate (IN-2-14/20/6), issued by the Estonian Agency of Medicines

  • FDA Drug Establishment Site Registration (3017868406)

  • Health Canada Drug Establishment License (3-002708-A)

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