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Summer Days: An Introduction to the Sunniest Estonian Tradition

Updated: Jul 2

Summer is a season perfect for relaxation, as the Estonian tradition of “summer days” attests. Summer days are events organized by companies where employees can unwind and celebrate together the past year's accomplishments. In this article, we explore this vibrant tradition and delve into some popular summer day activities that companies organize to foster team spirit and reward hard work.

Why do Estonian companies organize summer events?

As summer arrives, Estonians embrace the opportunity to enjoy sunny weather by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Local companies express gratitude to their teams by organizing summer days featuring outdoor activities and barbecues so employees can socialize outside the office.

Company-wide summer retreats are a beloved tradition in Estonia. These events often take place in picturesque locations, such as seaside resorts, historical manors, or countryside cabins. The retreats often include team-building activities, workshops, and parties with plenty of food and drinks.

How Estonians unwind during summer days

Summer days are a perfect backdrop for people working in the same company to become closer, even if they do not interact with each other on a daily basis. Sports races, trivia contests, and scavenger hunts allow employees to have fun while also experiencing a dose of healthy competition. In addition, many companies organize art workshops that enable team members to show off their creative skills through painting, pottery, or photography.

Sauna is a staple of summer days, as it is a cherished Estonian social tradition. There are many types of sauna, including traditional, smoke, Finnish (often set at over 90°C!), steam, infrared, and barrel. Groups of people enter the hot saunas for ten minutes at a time, then go outside to cool off either by dunking themselves in cold water pools or with a chilled drink. The high temperatures of the sauna help to alleviate sore muscles and release stress.

Summer days are a chance for recognition

Some companies in Estonia use summer days to recognize individual accomplishments that occurred during the previous year. From work anniversaries to graduations, summer days provide an excellent chance to publicly acknowledge these achievements and toast for more happy times to come. By celebrating individual feats, summer days emphasize how Estonian appreciate work-life balance.

Companies may also present awards or bonuses to outstanding performers or those who have made notable contributions to the company. This kind of recognition motivates employees and highlights the importance of continuous growth and skill development.

The summer days organized by The J. Molner Company emphasize the significance of fun and relaxation. Our fun-filled summer adventure took place on Vormsi Island, where we have planned a sauna party as well as an exciting activity called the Science Hunt game, in which our team members will compete using their logical thinking, speed, dexterity, creativity, and scientific knowledge.

In conclusion, summer days in Estonia bring a blend of celebration, relaxation, and appreciation within the corporate world. By embracing the spirit of summer, companies in Estonia create a positive and harmonious culture that brings happiness to all employees.

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